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The Process Behind Mixing Concrete

The Process Behind Mixing Concrete

You might have witnessed the mixing of concrete at construction sites and various other places. Although the process might be a bit confusing to look at, in reality, it is quite easy to perform. You need not be an expert to carry this process forward, but you would need a couple of attempts. As far as the process is concerned, you need to know that it is possible through two different methods. These methods are mixing by hand and through a machine. So to shed more light on the same, here’s the complete process by hand and machine.

By Hand (Manual Process)

People assume that mixing by hand to be the most difficult process, but in reality, it is the most common one. Yes, that’s right. At construction sites and other such places, people use this technique to make the most of it, and they consider the process to be cost-effective. So to make matters specific, here’s the process:

Manual Process

A water-tight platform needs to be constructed that includes the combination of steel, wood and bricks. For safety purposes, it is always advisable that the process is carried out at a place that is quite far from the construction site. Professionals still regard this, and they never perform this within the boundaries of the construction site.

The next step is to make solid proportions using the output and such matters will be laid out on the platform. With the help of shovels, they are mixed, and the process happens only in the dry state. Throughout the process, you also need to start adding water gradually. But the mixing should go on for quite some time.

The process goes forward until the concrete mix that is of design consistency is obtained. Soon after the completion, the output is used within 30 minutes, and that is only after adding water.

By Machine (Automatic Process)

Automatic Process

If one has to talk about the easy way out, then using a machine for the process might sound like a better idea. Huge construction sites that need more amount of concrete will go ahead with this technology since it is convenient and produces faster results. The machine utilised for the purpose is known as a concrete mixer. Once you add cement, water and aggregates, the machine mixes the ingredients eventually forming concrete. The main component that powers this process is a drum, and most of the machines use the same technology. Be it a large vehicle or the small one; a concrete mixer does the perfect job of mixing. The effect of rotation highlights what you eventually get as concrete, and by all means, you are sure to get positive results. Hence, that sums up our article about the process behind mixing concrete.